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Sound meditation for your relaxation, and energetic health.

Colleen has been working with a wide range of clientele in various modalities involving the use of energetics for over 20 years.

I especially love the initial discovery part of the self-discovery journey that can help people to uncover the unconscious beliefs that are running their lives in a way that is not consistent with what they desire. It’s all in your vibration.

While on the island of Nantucket, I discovered the Tibetan Singing bowls and have been working with them for holistic wellness consistently ever since. As a certified singing bowl meditation leader, I conduct singing bowl meditations for individuals as well as groups.

Image of Cronebird with Tibetan singing bowls used for a journey of self discovery and holistic wellness.
Meditation is a practice which allows one's mind to let go, expand, and rejuvenate. It releases stress and invites positive energies. In meditation, the body is able to open to its own self-healing capabilities. The singing bowls and crystals act as focusing tools. Both modalities enhance the meditative experience.


Singing Bowls and Crystals are forms of vibrational healing. Everything vibrates and vibrational healing works to bring one’s frequency into a healthier state of being.

While singing bowls heal through sound vibration, crystals transform structurally via light, color, and sacred geometry vibration. Both therapies work through the scientific principle of resonance. Objects within close proximity of one another will work to match frequency.

Image of Cronebird in Nantucket, offering holistic wellness and a journey of self discovery.

The art of creating Tibetan singing bowls has been handed down from generation to generation within family clans. The bowls I use in my meditation practices are made by a family clan whose work can be traced back to the time of the Buddha. The bowls are made from a special seven-metal alloy. There are seven bowls in each sacred set, and each one is tuned to the specific note that affects each individual chakra.

Each bowl begins as a glowing ball of the seven metals that is handled by three to four people: one to securely hold the bowl while the others chant “Om Mane Padme Hum,” infusing the bowl with healing intentions as they hand-hammer it into shape. As the bowls are cooling, the village monks pray for hours, instilling the mantras and heart songs of compassion into every bowl.

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Image of Tibetan singing bowls on a beach offering crystal healing and holistic wellness in Boston.